Sculpture Park Artists

Jim Agard Gapingstock Corten Steel
Andrew Arvanetes Fly Away Home Stainless Steel
Jamie Barber Reaper Welded Steel and Found Objects
Mike Baur Lost Route Steel and Cast Concrete
Nicole Beck Oscill8 Welded Stainless Rings with colorful knobs of mosaic tile on each end
Aaron Benson Lazarus and the Rich Man Stoneware
Maurice Blik Second Breath Resin
Curt Brill Katia Bronze
Leslie Bruning Artist Hanging On Painted Steel
Jim Buonaccorsi Plowing and Planting in Bosnia Painted Steel
Kevin Casey Coalesce Stainless Steel
Mark Chatterley Fairy Circle High Fired Clay and Crater Glaze
Mary Cooke Rite of Passage Steel and Glass
Bill Cooper A Matter of Time Steel
Charles Fuller Cowles Hero Painted Steel
Chris Duncan Lingo Steel and Concrete
Joseph Eisenhauer Revival Painted Steel
Joseph Folise Donor Tree Painted Steel
Ted Gall Groundbreaker Steel
Ted Gall Homage to Henry Cast Aluminum
Ted Gall Sun Worshipper Steel
Ted Gall Charger I and II Painted Steel
Ted Sitting Crow Garner Baile de Alacrán Galvanized Steel
Drew Goerlitz Circinus Steel
Barbara Goldsmith Spread My Wings Concrete
Dale Graham Trunnion II Aluminum
Michael Grucza Shapeshifter Stainless Steel
Becky Guttin Survival Steel, Cast Aluminum and Glass
Darrin Hallowell Points of Influence Concrete
Richard Heinrich The Eagle Flies On Friday Stainless Steel
John Hock Table Sculpture: Can't Recall a Time Welded Steel
Jack Holme Bridge To The Next Millennium Steel
Jack Howard-Potter Gendron Powder Coated Steel
Paul Howe Know Your Mushrooms Steel Bars
Bruce Johnson Walking Stone Redwood and Copper
Indira Johnson Star Woman Fabricated Steel and Paint
Daniel Kainz Homage to Lazarus Black Granite
Terrence Karpowicz Aspire Stone, Steel, and Bronze
Ray Katz Metamorphosis Steel
Larry Paul King Strike II Steel, Steel Mesh, Tar and Paint
Stacy Latt Savage Votive Head 2000-2012 Steel and Wood
Eric Lindsey Expanding Universe Fiberglass, Granite, Galvanized Steel
Sharon Loper Isolation #5 Cast Bronze
Sharon Loper CLIO Bronze
Rob Lorenson Apple Rocket Stainless Steel and Bronze
Andrew MacGuffie Municipal Water Carrier Steel and Truck Axles
Patrick McDonald Weeee Steel and Concrete
Konreid Muench Time Flies Boeing L-1011 Airplane Wings and Aluminum
Sheila Oettinger Reverie Stoneware
John Parker Gargoyle Welded Steel
Nathan Pierce Lifted Weather Steel
Andrei Rabodzeenko Wing Structural Steel and Stainless Steel
Kari Reardon Metalmatic Welded Steel Hoops
Tamsie Ringler Porte Des Morts Steel and Stones
Bob Rivera Dragon Tree of Maintenance Redwood, Painted Steel and Aluminum
John Ruppert Vertical Barge Cast Steel
Lincoln Schatz Pater Familias Welded Steel
Rüdiger Seidt Feminin Steel
Lucy Slivinski Shadow Steel Chains
Robert Smart La Souterraine Steel / Cast Iron
Samuel Spiczka Like Clockwork Corten Steel and Wood
Mirek Struzik Adam i Ewa (Adam and Eve) Steel Wire
Students of Evanston Township High School A World of Difference Steel
Students of Niles North High Visions of the Spirit of Skokie and Chicagoland Fired Clay
Students of Niles West High School Wonders of the Deep Glazed Ceramic
Richard Taylor Benevolence Painted Aluminum
Richard Taylor Stars in the Wind Painted Aluminum
Luigi Testa Flight Steel and Stone
Luis Torruella Observatorio de la Imaginación Painted Aluminum
William Wareham Dry Run Painted Steel
Mark Warwick For Those Steel
Andy Zimmermann Inside Plant Welded Steel
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