Art In The Park

Three years have been skipped due to severe weather

and Pandemic,

but we will be back next year as we

invent a new normal.


The event is usually held in Section I of the Sculpture Park,
located between Dempster and Main Streets on the east side of McCormick Boulevard.

As things change, we are looking to new forms of art experiences for our €œLittles€.

Art In The Park 2014P

“Art in the Park” allows school age children (ages 4-12) to make their own small sculptures from provided materials, expressing their creativity. There is no cost to the participants and Sculpture Park docents and other volunteers will be on hand to assist. €œIt really becomes a family affair with parents and older siblings joining in the fun,€ Sonya Baysinger, executive director of the Sculpture Park, said. €œAnd they get to take their creations home.€

 See photos of a prior year’s event HERE.