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It’s that giving time of the year

As the leaves leave us, its time again for our annual fund drive.  So no, we cannot interrupt your viewing of your favorite classic music concert or public radio broadcast to ask for money.  But we do send out periodic updates to friends of the park and in fall, include an ask letter.  So you too can become a Friend of the Park. 

Just either send a check to the address in the upper right corner or even simply hit the donate button on the Donate web page.  While we cannot promise a tote bag, mug or whatever, donors at the $125.00 or above level can have a leaf on the donor tree. 

And before you ask, no you don’t need to give at that level.  We’ve had retirees say that all they can give is $5.00.  We thank you for your (deducible) gift, no matter the denomination. 

Of course if you really want to show your appreciation, we have had grants or gifts in the thousands (just think of how you can assure that your grand kids can enjoy the park for years to come by remembering us in your will!).

In any case, pleas consider becoming a Friend of the Park in any way you can. 


gary newhouse

Board President

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