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I’ve been planning to make a post here about the joys of walking the Park after a new snowfall. With the soft snow hanging on the sculptures and the snow underfoot just starting to get crunchy as the morning air starts to freeze the top crust as soon as the morning sun melts it a tiny bit. The sculptures take on new wonderful characters with heaps of snow sitting atop horizontal surfaces and perching precariously on the more angular top edges. Are the ladies of Circle of Fairies wearing white shawls? Does the Portes DesMortes house have snow on the roof?

Walking on the paths freshly plowed and venturing off into virgin snow to take a different perspective on your favorite sculpture. Hey… Maybe just lie down and make snow angels. Even at 67 years, I still enjoy snow angels!

The sun glints on the snow like a field of tiny diamonds just waiting to be walked on afresh. Or pull the kids on a sleigh over the little rolling hills as the snow sprays up into their rosy faces. Or just brush off a bench and sit a spell.


BUT… then the snow all melted this morning and we are back to brown grass and a different sort of crunch underfoot as you walk on the lawn. Its all a matter of the seasons. They change continuously as must we.

Luckily, in Chicagoland we are blessed with experiencing the winter to spring transition at least a dozen times each year. How lucky could we get.




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