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Aspire – Barbara Goldsmith

My artwork is an abstraction  of reality, it is either figurative  or organic in form.  The media is usually  cast concrete, stoneware clay with steel or mixed media, “Aspire” was formed by by making a metal and  plastic armature.. Then  I used a concrete and fiber glass product to cover the structure. It is lighter than solid poured concrete and it can be applied vertically.

The form of the sculpture took many weeks of a slow drying process, i applied the covering  mixture to ensure effective results.  I worked on my sculpture during the early pandemic times.

I titled  my new sculpture  “ Aspire“ which means hope.  In a world filled with distractions and complications, i am hopeful for a sense of simplicity and balance and endless possibilities!

I chose a bright blue to  paint the sculpture. The color blue symbolizes calmness, and security. I wanted to create a quiet, peaceful sculpture.


(sound file to come)