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Aaron Benson – Lazarus and the Rich Man

Aaron Benson - Lazarus and the Rich Man

This ceramic sculpture  (high fired clay), accented with metallic oxides and other ceramic colorants, has an interesting and detailed surface.  Looking carefully one can find faces, hands, bones and other forms within the piece.   The sculpture as originally installed had a second section which has now been removed.  Although the title invites viewers to recall the biblical parable, making the connection may prove challenging without the other form.  It can be interesting, however, to think about the elements in this piece and try to  determine their significance.  Indeed, it is interesting to think about the significance of the large form itself, what it looks like to the viewer and what the artist intended it to be.

This sculpture was donated by the artist and is part of the Permanent Collection of the Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park.