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Keeping the Park Pretty and Enjoyable

“It takes a village…” or in our case, a Village, A Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, and an NFP Sculpture Park organization.

Easy to do is easy to say as my grandfather used to say. In order to keep our park enjoyable, the partnership above has done a number of things invisible and visible to keep the park enjoyable for you.

The village has done it’s usual routine work (lawns, snow removal, tree trimming, etc) but has also resurfaced a major portion of our walkways bike ways, updated street signage, and helped us with repairs. They have scheduled upkeep of the various kiosks at the entries to the park for this year.

The work of the MWRD (which actually owns the land) is largely invisible as it has done some infrastructure work near Touhy St.

Our organization, the Sculpture Park has likewise been busy. Working with our contractors and volunteers, we have been busy beyond the wonderful work of our docents who provide tours even during this … er medical environment. Working with our Board members, village crews, and specialty contractors we have been renewing our collection (two new sculptures installed or in the process of such), repairing the environment (signage etc.), repairing sculptures, planning events and programs.

We appreciate the support that you have given us in both spirit and financially. WE love that you love our park and welcome suggestions and andy other form of support that you can offer.



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